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What Is The Best Acupressure Board?

Our Favorite Acupressure Boards

When it comes to acupressure for your feet, you can always just use a normal acupressure mat if you want to. But there are a few specially made “acupressure boards” that are solid things that you stand on to induce foot pain relief, instead of being a squishy mat that you can roll up.

There aren’t a lot of acupressure boards available out there, but of the ones we saw, we liked the Nemoyard Outdoor Acupressure Board.

What Is An Acupressure Board?

Acupressure is an ancient well established healing art practiced by alternative practitioners across the globe. The principles that guide this healing modality have been used successfully for thousands of years. The art of acupressure is designed to apply pressure as a means to stimulate the body’s healing processes. Healing thus begins with improved circulation, the reduction of energetic blockages, and the re-activation of glands and organs.

An acupressure board comes with specifically placed pressure rods. These rods extend upwards in a predetermined pattern that mimics the average foot size of both women and men. More specifically, the acupressure rod placements within the outlines of average sized feet are placed at those locations noted as reflex points – those points directly connected to the body’s energy meridians. Meridians, of which there are twelve primary conduits, are the channels through which life force energy moves.

Placing your feet on the acupressure board’s foot patterns result in creating the proper pressure applied to these reflex points. Acupressure boards are convenient self-help tools that generally come 16” x 16.” They stimulate energy, vitality and stamina with its simple application.

How To Use An Acupressure Board

An acupressure board is a great alternative therapy tool that is both compact and reasonably priced. An acupressure board applies pressure in a manner similar to the art of reflexology. (The art of reflexology is discussed later in this article.)

Foot reflexology is a healing therapy that stimulates reflex points on the feet that are interconnected to various organs and muscles throughout the body. The reflex points on the foot correspond to the body’s vital organs and systems upon mapped meridians from the foundations of acupuncture.

Through this applied pressure to particular areas of the feet, an acupressure board promotes relaxation, and improves circulation through the organ or area that corresponds to the acupressure points.

Most people who try an acupressure board relish the release felt by standing on the board. However, first time acupressure board users typically experience a small pierce upon the sole of their feet. This occurs because the reflex points are tender, as they have been left untreated for too long. If you experience this tenderness, it is best to place a thin cloth between your feet and the acupressure board. With time, you will begin to find the tenderness gradually dissipate with continuous use; stimulating your body with renewed energy towards improved health.

For the more experienced acupressure board user, these boards generally offer ways to adjust the height (and therefore the intensity) of the rods on the acupressure board. In addition, several acupressure board options provide either vibrating rods or thermal rods, which offer their own healing effects.

Stand on the acupressure for a few minutes, always maintaining the intensity of the pressure to within personal tolerable levels. Increase the time and/or pressure as you become more familiar with the stimulating effects.

Why You Should Use an Acupressure Board

Many people suffer from joint pains, back pains, insomnia and neck pain – all due to the body’s reaction to the everyday stressors of modern life. The acupressure board is a safe, natural healing technique with no harmful side effects.

As noted above, the acupressure board applies measured pressure to reflex points that stimulate and balance the body’s organs, glands and other mechanisms.

These areas of the body include the heart, the intestines, the brain, the pancreas, and the kidney. An acupressure board is also effective in treating chronic and acute sinusitis, by reducing inflammation in that area.

Additionally, acupressure board therapy treats sciatica, spinal pain, leg pain, cramps, migraines, metabolism issues and cardiovascular problems.

Health Benefits of Acupressure Boards

An acupressure board therapeutically stimulates by applying pressure to mapped locations on both feet.

Scientists from the Western hemisphere have conducted studies by measuring the effects of acupressure electronically. Their studies concluded that the application of acupressure creates increased levels of bio-chemicals throughout the body. They also concluded that acupressure is effective in improving blood flow to even the deepest of body tissue.

An acupressure board is a multi-purpose health tool that offers various benefits. Continuous use improves the immune system, digestive system and circulation. It also ramps up your body’s metabolism and promotes quality sleep.

Acupressure applied to the meridians across the foot enhances your body’s overall energy levels and balances hormone levels and the nervous system.

About Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is powerfully effective and uses principles similar to those of acupressure or even acupuncture. Reflexology, like acupressure boards stimulates specific points on the foot, which ultimately induces a healing response to its interconnected organ or body part.

Both reflexology and the use of an acupressure board begins the healing process as the applied pressure breaks down energetic blockages that are typically the root cause of most acute and chronic illnesses. The healing can begin when the body’s life force energy can move through clear channels. The free flow allows the life force energy to distribute nutrients and a fresh blood flow to the entire body, which ultimately improves overall balance and health.


Choosing to use an acupressure board is a prudent decision. From an overall perspective, the board’s natural effective healing techniques ultimately provide a sense of relaxation, peace and happiness.

When you consider that acupressure boards are cost-effective, portable and offer no side effects, it is easy to understand why they have become a popular therapeutic approach in the realm of alternative medicine.