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What Are The Best Acupressure Earrings?

Where To Find Acupressure Earrings?

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What Are Acupressure Earrings?

Ear acupressure therapy is based on the ancient acupuncture principles that denote that the outer ear is representative to our body parts. One of the main concepts behind ear therapy is that the ear resembles an image of an inverted human fetus.

The art of acupressure can be traced back to China thousands of years ago. Essentially, its foundational principle is that it is possible to equalize an out-of-balance life force energy by applying measured pressure to points on meridian lines mapped across the body. Acupressure has been shown to effectively treat conditions and disorders of the body.

Acupressure Earring Therapy is one of the many methodologies that fall under the umbrella of Auricular Therapy (aka Auriculotherpy). Acupressure earrings stimulate the many acupressure points along the ridges and valleys of the external ear – the auricle. Consistent with the mapped points disclosed within ancient acupuncture theories, an acupressure earring can be used by stimulating these mapped-reflex points.

This ear therapy can help heal disorders throughout the body. As such, acupressure earrings have been shown to be an effective way to augment the treatment of a variety conditions and disorders.

For many, acupressure earrings are the perfect substitute for an acupuncture needle. Clearly, learning how to apply an acupressure earing is much easier (and less time-consuming) than becoming a licensed acupuncturist.

Acupressure Earrings treat a range of conditions that include weight loss, allergies, depression, musculoskeletal pain, hypertension and addiction, among many others.

How To Use Acupressure Earrings?

Acupressure earrings are used to stimulate the blockages throughout your body that are preventing your life force energy to flow as it should. This is thought to be the root cause of diseases, pain and disorders.

Life force energy, known as prana in India, is simply the energetic construction of all living beings.  It is this life force energy, when flowing freely, that nurtures our body and helps overcome disease-causing energetic blockages. Acupressure earrings help boost your overall vitality through mapped meridians across the hills and valleys of the external ear.

Several body parts represent the meridian points that correlate with the organs and areas of the human body. Popular therapies, like hand or foot reflexology, apply direct and measured pressure to a smaller map of the body found on the feet and hands.

The ear is no different from the foot or the hand. The external portion of the ear also contains a map of the organs and areas of the body. As noted above, the ear resembles an image of an inverted human fetus.

Placing an acupressure earring is simple. The trick is to know the point upon which you should apply the acupressure earring. So, consider the pain or condition you wish to focus upon and then discover the correlating pressure point on the outside part of the ear. To treat the target problem, place the acupressure earring on its interconnected pressure point.

By stimulating this acupressure point with an acupuncture earring, you have begun to stimulate the life force energy, which rebalances the body and starts the healing process.

The pressure helps to regulate the body and allow wearers to find relief from common ailments including headaches, nausea, shin splints, and sleep deprivation. Check out this short video:

Auricular Therapy – A How to Guide

Why Use Acupressure Earrings?

Acupressure earrings stimulate acupuncture-mapped points using an appropriate amount of pressure. Acupressure earrings are not only effective and easy to use, they can be applied discretely on the ear without anyone noticing.

Acupressure earring therapy applies the technique of the ancient art of acupuncture, without the need to break the skin with a needle. But, fundamentally, acupuncture and acupressure are similar in that they use meridian points to dislodge energetic blockages.

Acupressure earrings use the meridian lines to treat pain, digestive problems, smoking cessation, weight loss, generalized stress and anxiety.

Auricular Acupressure Theory

The auricle, anatomically speaking, is the external portion of the ear.  The theory suggests that the ear, using previously mapped meridians can treat any area of the body.

Acupressure has been in existence for thousands of years. However, Dr. Paul Nogier invented auricular acupressure during the mid 20th century. Essentially, his theory postulated that auricular acupressure, using the well-established principles of acupuncture, could re-balance energetic networks using the ear only.

Auriculotherapy maps each pressure point of the body onto the ear. The head pressure points are found on the rigid cartilage just north of the earlobe. The cartilage curve near the upper portion of the ear represents the pressure points for the spine and legs.

Acupressure earrings applied to these mapped points create a healing reaction to the correlated system, organ or area.

Acupressure Earrings For Digestive Problems

Acupressure earrings are effective in treating and relieving discomfort caused by indigestion. Most digestive disorders are caused by inflammation along the digestive tract. This inflammation disrupts a normal functioning digestive symptom and causes the mal-absorption of nutrients the body requires to remain healthy and in homeostasis.

Acupressure earrings begin to heal the digestive system’s inflamed linings as it opens the channels, which allow life force energy to flow freely. Ultimately, acupressure earrings are effective in treating diarrhea, gas, constipation, and bloating as well as abdominal pain.

Acupressure Earrings For Weight Loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupressure earrings follow the belief that obesity can be traced back to an energetic imbalance in the areas of the liver and the spleen. The endocrine system is thought to be a huge culprit of weight gain. Applying pressure with the earrings can help to treat water retention and to stimulate nerve and hormonal rebalance.

Acupressure earrings can treat the thyroid and the spleen to affect sugar metabolism. Finally the ovary and adrenal glands are treated should the weight gain occur from the effects of menopause or PMS.

Ear Acupressure For Weight Loss

Auricular acupressure is a natural, gentle method that can be used to reduce your appetite and food cravings in general. A rebalanced energetic meridian network will also release the ‘feel good’ endorphin, which augments the healing process. Get to know the microsystem of acupressure points along the external ear to help heal organs and areas of your entire body.