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What Is The Best Acupressure Massage Ball?

Our Favorite Acupressure Massage Balls

For our recommended product, we chose the Therapists’ Choice Massage Ball set. This set is affordable and has great customer feedback.

For brave souls only: the Lyapko Needle Massage Ball is a hard needle ball that will provide intense stimulation of acupressure points on the body. Be careful when using this version of an acupressure ball!

What Is An Acupressure Massage Ball?

According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human body has a network of imperceptible lines, i.e. life force energy flows known as meridians. Each meridian is associated with a specific element (i.e. Fire, Water, Air & Earth) as well as a specific body part.

Acupressure, as a technique, stimulates points that fall upon the meridians across the body.

Acupressure balls are self-massage tools that anyone can use to stimulate muscle relaxation and promote healing. Acupressure balls deliver pressure to a variety points across the body, along different meridians. These self-operated instruments are particularly effective when used on the feet, the hands, the legs, the shoulders and the neck area. It is often noted that an acupressure ball mimics massage therapy techniques because each technique creates a kneading sensation that relieves an aching or injured body part.

How To Use A Massage Ball

Using an Acupressure Ball is simple; some say its use is intuitive. It is best to begin to apply pressure upon the affected area for a few minutes per day. This technique is quite effective in stimulating many different pressure points.

For example, tension can be relieved by simply pressing and rolling the acupressure ball slowly between your two palms, noting the placement of the ball on those tight areas that find relief.

The application of pressure using an acupressure ball should not be excessive or too light to the touch. Effective acupressure stimulation should be balanced and tolerable to the patient.

For those new to the use of acupressure techniques, begin with a steady, medium pressure on the target area for the first several days. The applied pressure should be increased over time, and in accordance with your level of comfort.

Why Use An Acupressure Massage Ball?

Acupressure balls have a multitude of uses. An acupressure ball application delivers therapeutic aid to the targeted portion of the body.

An acupressure ball stimulates nerve reflex point when applied to the hands & fingers as well as the feet & toes. The pressure simulates acupressure points that are connected to various body parts and internal body organs through the meridian network. Essentially, the acupressure ball reduces energetic blockages of life force energy, which perpetrate chronic pain, inflammation and other conditions.

When life force energy begins to flow freely as a result of the acupressure application, healing begins and the body seeks to balance itself to a state of homeostasis.

Additionally, acupressure balls promote blood circulation, especially in the hands and the lower extremities.

Acupressure Ball Health Benefits

From an overall perspective, the health benefits one receives with an acupressure ball include the relief of muscle pain, fatigue and stiffness. An acupressure ball can improve neuropathy issues (like numbness), circulatory and vascular conditions in support of the heart, and gastric and GI conditions. Stimulating acupressure points rebalances hormones and reduces discomfort caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Finally, an acupressure ball can be beneficial in regulating both high and low blood pressure.

Heal Your Body Conveniently

Generally speaking, using an acupressure ball on a regular basis supports the health of the dedicated user.

Acupressure balls are easy to use and they can be used pretty much any time, in any place. Most acupressure balls are easy to travel with. They are handy on planes can even be used while sitting in a plane,  at a red traffic light, watching Television or on a bus or a train. Acupressure balls are quite effective when used during long workdays to alleviate stress, or long nights of studying to counteract drowsiness.

How to Use Spiky Acupressure Balls

The following video demonstrates how to use a spiky acupressure ball on various body regions:

How to Use a Spikey Ball

As the Spikey Ball instruction video demonstrates, an acupressure ball has a variety uses to promote healing.

Here are a few examples of other ways in which to receive the benefits created by using an acupressure ball:

How To Use An Acupressure Ball For A Foot Massage

The following video explains the benefits created by an acupressure ball when applied to foot ailments.

Acupressure Ball Foot Massage

The following acupressure technique applied to each foot promotes the reduction of anxiety.

Begin by curling your toes, which will create a small depression near the ball of your foot. Place the acupressure ball upon this depressed point on the bottom of your foot. With your other hand, grab ahold of the top of your foot. When you have steady control, begin to massage the area (just below the ball of the foot) in small circles for a few minutes. Apply pressure steadily and firmly, without creating intolerable discomfort.

When complete, sit back and close your eyes. Take a quick internal evaluation of your current state of anxiety. Repeat a few times, building up to acupressure sessions that include 3-5 repetitions.

Myofascial Release For The Neck

Myofascial pain is caused by a muscular irritation. The upper back muscles can be prone to Myofascial pain that radiates from sensitive points. This is often caused by poor posture, among other conditions.

Check out a video regarding the use of acupressure balls:

Myofascial Release for the Neck

Simple Neck Massage to Relieve Tension

The neck is home to 2 arteries that provide blood to vital areas of the brain. Stress and tension, in addition to excessive computer use or poor posture cause the neck to tighten. The neck tightening restricts and inhibits the blood flow through the neck region. A constricted blood supply results in insomnia, headaches and even fatigue.

Check out a video regarding the use of acupressure balls:

Simple Neck Massage to Relieve Tension