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Acupressure Points For Ear Aches & Pain (Heal Ear Blockage, Improve Hearing, & Relieve Tinnitus)

Try acupressure yourself and see it relieve your ear pain.

Can acupressure relieve ear pain, including chronic ear aches?

Yes it can, according to Michael Gach, author of one of the best-selling acupressure books of all time.

In the book, Michael tells a story about how he once showed a little girl on an airplane who was suffering from an altitude-induced ear ache how to make it disappear in only a few minutes by using the right acupressure points.

On this page, I’ll show you the points he recommends in his book for treating ear aches and other chronic ear-related health conditions.

He does warn, however, that acupressure may not be the most appropriate treatment for an ear infection.

It can help, but consider getting appropriate traditional medical care if it does not heal up by itself.

Acupressure is, however, very effective at removing ear aches caused by sensitivity to air pressure, water pressure, or temperature. It’s also effective at reducing inflammation that may be causing pain within the ears.

Use the following acupressure points to relieve ear pain.

1. Triple Energizer 21, in front of the ear, near the top of the ear.

Acupressure Point - Triple Energizer 21

This point will help relieve your ear aches and pains.

It will help boost the health of your ears and will promote good hearing capability in the long term of your bodily health.

This point is also effective at relieving pressure inside the ear caused by submersion in water or high altitudes, such as in an airplane or while travelling up a mountainside.

This acupressure point also helps with other issues on your head, including TMJ (chronic jaw pain) and toothaches.

Finally, this Triple Energizer point is also effective at reducing the intensity of headaches.

2. Small Intestine 19, in front of the ear, near the middle of the ear, directly in front of your ear canal opening.

Acupressure Point - Small Intestine 19

This acupressure point is effective in much of the same ways as the point above and below it.

This Small Intestine acupressure point will relieve your ear aches, chronic ear pain, and pressure inside the ear that is causing discomfort.

Pressurized ear cavities can be the result of any significant change in your elevation, such as an airplane ride or a road trip up into the mountains (or if you normally live in the mountains, a road trip down to sea level).

Using this point regularly will help boost your hearing by promoting healing of your ear-related body parts. This occurs due to the balancing of the meridian energy within your ears caused by touching this point.

This acupressure point also has the side effect of helping relieve jaw pain commonly known as TMJ. It also helps relieve tooth aches and headaches.

3. Gallbladder 2, in front of the ear, near the bottom of the earlobe.

Acupressure Point - Gallbladder 2

This is the last of the pressure points located directly in front of the ear.

Since they are all close together, it’s easy to apply pressure to them all one after the other. And since they’re located so close to your ear, you’ll always remember where to apply pressure for your ear problems.

Speaking of ear problems, this final point in front of your ear will treat all the same issues as the above two acupressure points.

This Gallbladder meridian acupuncture point will help heal your long term hearing problems, including loss of hearing.

By increasing the meridian energy flow through your ears, it will also help relieve ear aches and any type of pain associated with the ear canal.

This acupressure point will help get rid of pressurized ear drums caused by a change in altitude, which is a common side effect of airplane travel, or car travel up or down a mountainside.

Finally, this pressure point will help relieve other issues in your head besides just hearing-related ones. It will promote the healing and relief of TMJ (jaw problems), tooth aches and other tooth problems, and the common headache.

4. Triple Energizer 17, in the indention found just behind your earlobe.

Acupressure Point - Triple Energizer 17

This easy to find acupressure point will help relieve your ear aches and pains.

It can also reduce itchiness of the ears, if that is a problem for you.

Finally, this Triple Energizer point also treats a number of facial problems besides just ear issues. These include reducing facial spasms, jaw pain, toothaches, swelling of the throat, and symptoms of the mumps.