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Acupuncture Points Guide

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What’s Included:

Your PDF eBook will include images of the following meridians:

12 Primary Meridians

  • Heart Meridian
  • Pericardium Meridian
  • Lung Meridian
  • Spleen Meridian
  • Liver Meridian
  • Kidney Meridian
  • Small Intestine Meridian
  • Triple Energizer Meridian
  • Large Intestine Meridian
  • Stomach Meridian
  • Gallbladder Meridian
  • Urinary Bladder Meridian

2 Major Vessels

  • Conception Vessel
  • Governing Vessel

6 Minor Vessels

  • Penetrating Vessel
  • Girdling Vessel
  • Yin Linking Vessel
  • Yin Motility Vessel
  • Yang Linking Vessel
  • Yang Motility Vesse

Each meridian image comes with a table of detailed information about the acupuncture points in that meridian.

This information includes: acupuncture point names in English & Chinese (written in English characters), point functions, and point indications.

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