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Acupressure Points Guide: 38 Points for 175 Injuries & Illnesses

Acupressure is an easy to learn, easy to use healing method based on ancient Chinese theory of energy meridians. Most people are familiar with the basic concept of using acupuncture needles to influence these energy meridians and bring about bodily healing. But you can also use your fingertips as well, with no need for needles or […]


Introduction To Acupressure

Table of Contents Chapter 1 – What is Acupressure? Chapter 2 – The History of Chinese Medicine Chapter 3 – Acupressure vs Other Healing Techniques Chapter 4 – Scientific Evidence for Acupressure Chapter 5 – How to Perform Acupressure Chapter 6 – Acupressure Points for Specific Ailments Chapter 7 – Acupressure Training Opportunities Chapter 8 […]


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