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Acupuncture Points On Your Chest

How many acupuncture points can you find on your chest?

On this page I’ll show you every acupuncture point from the twelve primary meridians, the two major energy vessels, and the six minor energy vessels that are located on the human chest.

You can find all of these images and more information about each acupuncture point in our complete acupuncture meridian points guide.

Let’s take a look at the first energy meridian.

The Pericardium Meridian​

Acupuncture Meridian - Pericardium

Not much to see here. There’s only one acupuncture point on the chest. The rest of the points in this meridian are on the arm.

The Lung Meridian

Acupuncture Meridian - Lung

We’re getting warmer now. There’s two whole acupuncture points from the lung meridian located on the upper chest and collarbone area.

The Spleen Meridian

Acupuncture Meridian - Spleen

Now we’re talking. The spleen meridian has a lot more points along the energy pathway that travels from the armpit down the body to the feet.

The Liver Meridian

Acupuncture Meridian - Liver

Not much to see here though. There’s only two points located near the chest for this meridian.

The Kidney Meridian

Acupuncture Meridian - Kidney

The Kidney meridian seen here has tons of chest points that travel straight down the middle of the body.

The Large Intestine Meridian​

Acupuncture Meridian - Large Intestine

This meridian doesn’t really count, but I wanted to make sure to include it because it has a single point that’s located near the front of the neck/collarbone area.

This point is sort of on your chest.

The Stomach Meridian

Acupuncture Meridian - Stomach

The stomach meridian seen here makes up for the poor showing of the last meridian. This one has tons of points on the chest. Do note, the acupuncture point located directly on the nipple is not recommended for use in acupuncture treatments for, umm… rather obvious reasons.

​The Gallbladder Meridian

Acupuncture Meridian - Gallbladder

The gallbladder meridian pictured here has a few points that zigzag in a pattern kind of like a lightning bolt across the chest and torso area.

The Conception Vessel

Acupuncture Meridian - Conception Vessel

The conception vessel isn’t a primary meridian. It’s one of the two major energy vessels.

However, it does still contain its own acupuncture points. As you can see, most of them go straight down the middle of the chest.

The Penetrating Vessel

Acupuncture Meridian - Penetrating Vessel

The penetrating vessel doesn’t have its own points. It’s one of the six minor extraordinary energy vessels in the body. This means that it’s only an energy pathway between points in the other meridians that we’ve already seen.

That being said, I wanted to include it anyways just to be thorough. You can see it has a few points on the chest and torso area. It also has branching energy pathways all over the chest.​

The Yin Linking Vessel

Acupuncture Meridian - Yin Linking Vessel

Another of the minor extraordinary vessels, the yin linking vessel features a couple points on the chest area.

And that’s it folks. That’s all of the acupuncture points that are a located on the chest area of the human body.

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