Girdling Vessel Meridian Acupuncture Points

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Acupuncture Meridian - Girdling Vessel

Girdling Vessel Meridian Points

GB 26: dai mai / Girdling Vessel
Function: Regulates the uterus, resolves damp-heat, regulates the Girdling Vessel.
Indications: Irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, leukorrhea, abdominal pain, hernia, pain in the lumbar and hypochondriac region.

GB 27: wu shu / Fifth Pivot
Function: Strengthens the lumbar and boosts the Kidneys, courses the Liver and rectifies Qi, treats vaginal discharge.
Indications: Leukorrhea, lower abdominal pain, lumbar pain, hernia, constipation.

GB 28: wei dao / Linking Path
Function: Courses stagnant Qi, rectifies the intestines, leashes the Girdling Vessel.
Indications: Leukorrhea, lower abdominal pain, hernia, prolapse of uterus.