Heart Meridian Acupuncture Points

    Acupuncture Meridian - Heart






    HT 1

    ji quan

    Highest Spring

    Nourishes Heart yin, clears empty heat.

    Pain in the costal and cardiac regions, scrofula, cold pain of the elbow and arm, dryness of the throat.

    HT 2

    qing ling

    Cyan Spirit

    Frees the channels and quickens the connecting vessel, regulates Qi and blood.

    Pain in the cardiac and hypochondriac regions, shoulder and arm.

    HT 3

    shao hai

    Lesser Sea

    ​Removes obstructions from the channel, calms the mind, clears heat.

    Cardiac pain, spasmodic pain and numbness of the hand and arm, tremor of the hand, scrofula, pain in the axilla and hypochondriac region.

    HT 4

    ling dao

    Spirit Pathway

    Removes obstructions from the channel.

    Cardiac pain, spasmodic pain of the elbow and arm, sudden loss of voice.

    HT 5

    tong li

    Penetrating the Interior

    Calms the mind, tonifies Heart Qi, benefits the tongue, benefits the Bladder.

    Palpitations, dizziness, blurring of vision, sore throat, sudden loss of voice, aphasia with stiffness of the tongue, stuttering, pain in the wrist and elbow.

    HT 6

    yin xi

    Yin Cleft

    Nourishes Heart Yin, clears heat, stops sweating, calms the mind.

    Cardiac pain, hysteria, night sweating, hemoptysis, epistaxis, sudden loss of voice.

    HT 7

    shen men

    Spirit Gate

    Calms the mind, nourishes Heart blood, opens orifices.

    Cardiac pain, irritability, palpiation, hysteria, amnesia, insomnia, mania, epilepsy, dementia, pain in the hypochondriac region, feverish sensation in the palm, yellowish sclera.

    HT 8

    shao fu

    Lesser Mansion

    Clears Heart fire, Heart empty heat, and Heart phlegm fire, calms the mind.

    Palpitations, pain in the chest, spasmodic pain of the little finger, feverish sensation in the palm, enuresis, dysuria, pruritus of the external genitalia.

    HT 9

    shao chong

    Lesser Surge

    Clears heat, subdues wind, opens the Heart orifices, relieves fullness, restores consciousness.

    Palpitations, cardiac pain, pain in the chest and hypochondriac regions, mania, febrile diseases, loss of consicousness.