Lung Meridian Acupuncture Points

    Acupuncture Meridian - Lung






    LU 1

    zhong fu

    Central Treasury

    Regulates Lung Qi and stops cough, stimulates the Lung Qi to descend, disperses fullness in the chest and stops pain.

    Useful for all Lung issues, especially cough, wheezing, asthma and fullness in the chest as well as local problems such as pain in the chest, shoulder and back.

    LU 2

    ​yun men

    Cloud Gate

    Disperses fullness from the chest, stimulates the descending action of Lung Qi, stops cough.

    Cough, asthma, pain in the chest, shoulder and arm, fullness in the chest.

    LU 3

    ​tian fu

    Celestial Storehouse

    Clears Lung heat and regulates Lung Qi.

    Asthma, epistaxis, pain in the medial aspect of the upper arm.

    LU 4

    ​xia bai

    Guarding White

    Regulates Qi and blood, relieves pain.

    Cough, fullness in the chest, pain in the medial aspect of the upper arm.

    LU 5

    chi ze

    Cubit Marsh

    Clears Lung heat, stimulates the descending action of Lung Qi, expels phlegm from the Lung, benefits the Bladder, relaxes the sinews.

    Cough, hemoptysis, evening fever, asthma, sore throat, fullness in the chest, infantile convulsions, spasmodic pain of the elbow and arm, mastitis.

    LU 6

    kong zui

    Collection Hole

    Regulates Lung Qi and causes Lung Qi to descend, clears heat, stops bleeding.

    Cough, pain in the chest, asthma, hemoptysis, sore throat, spasmodic pain of the elbows and arm.

    LU 7

    lie que

    Broken Sequence

    Stimulates the descending and dispersing of Lung Qi, circulates Defensive Qi and releases the exterior, expels exterior wind, opens the Conception Vessel, benefits the Bladder and opens water passages, opens the nose, communicates with the Large Intestine.

    Persistent cough, sore throat, headaches, migraines, stiff neck, facial paralysis, toothache, and pain and/or weakness of the wrist.

    LU 8

    ​jing qu

    Channel Ditch

    Diffuses the Lung and downbears Qi, courses wind and resolves the exterior.

    Cough, asthma, fever, pain in the chest, sore throat, pain in the wrist.

    LU 9

    tai yuan

    Great Abyss

    Resolves phlegm, regulates Lung Qi, stops cough, tonifies Lung Qi, Lung yin and Gathering Qi, promotes circulation of blood, influences pulse, clears Lung and Liver heat.

    Cough, asthma, hemoptysis, sore throat, palpitation, pain in chest, wrist and arm.

    LU 10

    yu ji

    Fish Border

    Clears Lung heat, benefits the throat.

    Cough, hemoptysis, sore throat, loss of voice, fever, feverish sensation on the palms.

    LU 11

    shao shang

    Lesser Shang

    Expels wind (both interior and exterior), stimulates the dispersing and descending of Lung Qi, benefits the throat, opens the orifices and promotes resuscitation.

    Sore throat, cough, asthma, epistaxis, fever, loss of consciousness, mania, spasmodic pain of the thumb.