Stomach Meridian Acupuncture Points

    Acupuncture Meridian - Stomach






    ST 1

    cheng qi

    Tear Container

    Expels wind, brightens the eyes, stops lacrimation.

    Redness, swelling and pain of the eye, lacrimation, night blindness, twitching of eyelids, facial paralysis.

    ST 2

    si bai

    Four Whites

    Expels wind, brightens the eyes.

    Redness, pain and itching of the eye, facial paralysis, twitching of eye lids, pain in the face.

    ST 3

    ju liao

    Great Bone-Hole

    Expels wind, removes obstructions from the channel, relieves swellings.

    Facial paralysis, twitching of eyelids, epistaxis, toothache, swelling of lips and cheek.

    ST 4

    di cang

    Earth Granary

    Expels wind, removes obstructions from the channel, benefits tendons and muscles.

    Deviation of the mouth, salivation, twitching of the eyelids.

    ST 5

    ​da ying

    ​Great Reception

    Courses wind and quickens the connecting vessels.

    Facial paralysis, trismus, swelling of the cheek, pain in the face, toothache.

    ST 6

    jia che


    Expels wind, removes obstructions from the channel.

    Facial paralysis, toothache, swelling of the cheek and face, mumps, trismus.

    ST 7

    xia guan

    Below the Joint

    Removes obstructions from the channel, benefits the ears.

    Deafness, tinnitus, otorrhea, toothache, facial paralysis, pain of the face, motor impairment of the jaw.

    ST 8

    ​tou wei

    Head Corner

    Expels wind, relieves pain, brightens the eyes, relieves dizziness, clears heat.

    Headache, blurring of vision, ophthalmalgia, lacrimation.

    ST 9

    ren ying

    Man’s Prognosis

    Regulates Qi, removes masses, benefits the throat, relieves swellings.

    Sore throat, asthma, goiter, dizziness, flushing of the face.

    ST 10

    shui tu

    Water Prominence

    Rectifies Lung Qi and disinhibits the throat.

    Sore throat, asthma, cough.

    ST 11

    qi she

    Qi Abode

    Courses Qi and downbears counterflow.

    Sore throat, pain and rigidity of the neck, asthma, hiccup, goiter.

    ST 12

    que pen

    Empty Basin

    Subdues rebellious Qi.

    Cough, asthma, sore throat, pain in the supraclavicular fossa.

    ST 13

    qi hu

    Qi Door

    Clears heat and loosens the chest.

    Fullness in the chest, asthma, cough, hiccup, pain in the chest and hypochondrium.

    ST 14

    ku fang


    Rectifies Qi and loosens the chest.

    Sensation of fullness and pain in the chest, cough.

    ST 15

    wu yi


    Courses wind and relieves pain.

    Fullness and pain in the chest and the costal region, cough, asthma, mastitis.

    ST 16

    ying chuang

    Breast Window

    Clears heat and resolves depression, relieves pain and disperses swelling.

    Fullness and pain in the chest and hypochondrium, cough, asthma, mastitis.

    ST 17

    ru zhong

    Breast Center

    Not available.

    Not available.

    ST 18

    ru gen

    Breast Root

    Regulates Stomach Qi, regulates the breast and lactation, dispels stagnation.

    Pain in the chest, cough, asthma, mastitis, insufficient lactation.

    ST 19

    bu rong

    Not Contained

    Regulates the center and harmonizes the Stomach.

    Abdominal distensions, vomiting, gastric pain, anorexia.

    ST 20

    cheng man

    Assuming Fullness

    Harmonizes the Stomach and rectifies Qi.

    Gastric pain, abdominal distension, vomiting, anorexia.

    ST 21

    liang men

    Beam Gate

    Regulates the Stomach, subdues rebellious Qi, stops vomiting, relieves pain.

    Gastric pain, vomiting, anorexia, abdominal distension, diarrhea.

    ST 22

    guan men

    Pass Gate

    Regulates the Stomach and Intestines.

    Abdominal distension and pain, anorexia, borborygmus, diarrhea, edema.

    ST 23

    tai yi

    Supreme Unity

    Clears the Heart and quiets the spirit, fortifies the Spleen and harmonizes the center.

    Gastric pain, irritability, mania, indigestion.

    ST 24

    hua rou men

    Slipper Flesh Gate

    Quiets the spirit and stabilizes the disposition, regulates and harmonizes the Stomach and Intestines.

    Gastric pain, vomiting, mania.

    ST 25

    tian shu

    Celestial Pivot

    Promotes the function of the Intestines, clears heat, regulates Qi, relieves retention of food.

    Abdominal pain and distension, borborygmus, pain around the umbilicus, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, irregular menstruation, edema.

    ST 26

    wai ling

    Outer Mound

    Dissipates cold, relieves pain, rectifies Qi.

    Abdominal pain, hernia, dysmenorrhea.

    ST 27

    da ju

    Great Gigantic

    Regulates Stomach Qi.

    Lower abdominal distension, dysuria, hernia, seminal emission, premature ejaculation.

    ST 28

    shui dao


    Benefits urination, opens the water passages, benefits difficult urination.

    Lower abdominal distension, retention of urine, edema, hernia, dysmenorrheal, sterility.

    ST 29

    ​gui lai


    Relieves stagnation of blood.

    Abdominal pain, hernia, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, leukorrhea, prolapse of the uterus.

    ST 30

    qi chong

    Surging Qi

    Regulates Stomach Qi, regulates the Penetrating Vessel, promotes essence, tonifies the sea of nourishment, regulates blood.

    Abdominal pain, borborygmus, hernia, swelling and pain of the external genitalia, impotence, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation.

    ST 31

    bi guan

    Inferior Joint

    Removes obstruction from the channel.

    Pain in the thigh, muscular atrophy, motor impairment, numbness and pain of the lower extremities.

    ST 32

    fu tu

    Crouching Rabbit

    Removes obstructions from the channel, expels wind-heat.

    Pain in the lumbar and iliac region, coldness of the knee, paralysis or motor impairment and pain of the lower extremities, beriberi.

    ST 33

    yin shi

    Yin Market

    Courses wind and dissipates cold, frees the channels and quickens the connecting vessels, disinhibits the joints.

    Numbness, soreness, motor impairment of the leg and knee, motor impairment of the lower extremities.

    ST 34

    liang qiu

    Beam Hill

    Subdues rebellious Stomach Qi, removes obstructions from channel, expels damp and wind.

    Pain and numbness of the knee, gastric pain, mastitis, motor impairment of the lower extremities.

    ST 35

    du bi

    Calf’s Nose

    Invigorates the channel, relieves swelling, stops pain.

    Pain, numbness and motor impairment of the knee, beriberi.

    ST 36

    zu san li

    Leg Three Li

    Benefits Stomach and Spleen, tonifies Qi and blood, dispels cold, strengthens body, brightens eyes, regulates nutritive and defensive Qi and the Intestines, raises yang, expels wind and damp, resolves edema.

    ST 37

    shang ju xu

    Upper Great Hollow

    Regulates the function of the Stomach and Intestines, eliminates damp-heat, dispels retention of food, calms asthma.

    Abdominal pain and distension, borborygmus, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, enteritidis, paralysis due to stroke, beriberi.

    ST 38

    tiao kou

    Ribbon Opening

    Removes obstructions from the channel.

    Numbness, soreness and pain of the knee and leg, weakness and motor impairment of the shoulder, abdominal pain.

    ST 39

    xia ju xu

    Lower Great Hollow

    Regulates the function of Stomach and Intestines, eliminates damp-heat, eliminates wind-damp, stops pain.

    Lower abdominal pain, backache referring to the testis, mastitis, numbness and paralysis of the lower extremities.

    ST 40

    feng long

    Bountiful Bulge

    Resolves phlegm and damp, calms asthma, clears heat, calms and clears the mind, opens the chest.

    Headache, dizziness and vertigo, cough, asthma, excessive sputum, pain in the chest, constipation, mania, epilepsy, muscular atrophy, motor impairment, pain, swelling or paralysis of the lower extremities.

    ST 41

    jie xi

    Ravine Divide

    Removes obstructions from the channel, eliminates wind, clears heat, clears the mind, brightens the eyes.

    Pain of the ankle joint, muscular atrophy, motor impairment, pain and paralysis of the lower extremities, epilepsy, headache, dizziness and vertigo, abdominal distension, constipation.

    ST 42

    chong yang

    Surging Yang

    Tonifies Stomach and Spleen, calms the mind, removes obstructions from the channel.

    Pain of the upper teeth, redness and swelling of the dorsum of the foot, facial paralysis, muscular atrophy and motor impairment of the foot.

    ST 43

    xian gu

    Sunken Valley

    Eliminates wind and heat, removes obstruction from the channel.

    Facial or general edema, abdominal pain, borborygmus, swelling and pain of the dorsum of the foot.

    ST 44

    nei ting

    Inner Court

    Clears heat, eliminates fullness, regulates Qi, stops pain, promotes digestion, eliminates wind from face.

    Toothache, pain in the face, deviation of the mouth, sore throat, epistaxis, gastric pain, acid regurgitation, abdominal distension, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, swelling and pain of the dorsum of the foot, febrile diseases.

    ST 45

    li dui

    Severe Mouth

    Calms the mind, brightens the eye, clears the Heart, relieves retention of food.

    Facial swelling, deviation of the mouth, epistaxis, toothache, sore throat and hoarse voice, abdominal distension, coldness in the leg and foot, febrile diseases, dream-disturbed sleep, mania.